Global Warming: A Force to be reckoned with or a faulty phenomenon?

Global Warming has been talked about since even the late 1970s. It has been the focus of many activists’ protests and many controversies among scientists. Here are my thoughts on global warming. If you think about a wave, not an ocean wave but a wave on a graph, at what point do you start a baseline to compare future trends. If the satellite that was launched into space to monitor polar ice cap activity was placed in 1979, when the ice caps were at their highest percentage of coverage, is it fair to use ant decline as “proof” of global warming. Normally you would use the section of the wave directly in the middle to judge the trends. If you use the peak of the wave, then any change in the ice signifies a false trend of decreasing polar ice coverage. Even still, according to an article NASA is showing that polar ice, even after a decline around 2005, polar ice is still around five percent above post 1979 amounts. Its funny to think how if this is true, then it depends on the time of when you record the data as to whether the trends are showing a retreat in polar ice or a normal decline in a steady pattern. If you think back to the days before science knew much about weather, and started recording weather around spring when the temperature was starting to rise, someone could report that the Earth was on a steady heating trend and could eventually catch fire. You need to gather a lot of data and show averages and trends to gain an accurate outlook of the big picture. Our temperatures vary year round and, while we have extremes to both ends of the spectrum, you can figure out a normal pattern of heating and cooling. Although I do have a friend who is likely the best New Orleans landscaper and of course he swears it’s getting hotter year after year!

louisianalandscaping.netThe same needs to be applied to global warming. We could just be experiencing a warming trend and a few years from now experience another cooling trend, showing the actual waves and trends. Anyone can manipulate information to corroborate their beliefs. Anything from omission to stacking facts to support their ideas can lead anyone to believe their arguments. Whether I believe global warming is real or not really doesn’t matter. I do believe that addition of industry and increase in population are incredibly adding fuel to the fire of polluting the air.

This is definitely having an effect on the Earth but in which way I do not know. Volcanoes emit way more pollutants than cars, but the rarity of an eruption does not put that amount of strain on the atmosphere constantly. Does the constant polluting of the air and water really mean global warming is here and we are all killing the Earth? Probably not, but we do need to keep control of what we do to protect our Earth. I am an advocate of industry, yet I believe we need to keep regulations in place to protect our habitat and not let it get out of hand. We are living on a non-renewable resource and although we are not going to be around long enough to see its end, I don’t want that end to happen any faster than it already is.