Space travel and the Future

I have been extremely interested in anything to do with space since I was a small child. Seeing and reading accounts of the space race towards the end of the 1960s, really shows the competitiveness of companies to provide equipment and technology to further the accomplishments of our country’s space program. Back then our President supported America’s interest in space and the mysteries of the universe. It was more fueled by competition with other countries, which we believe were going to build a military base on the moon, than pure scientific interest. It’s funny how threats and war fuel so much in our world these days instead of science and intelligence. I guess that goes back to our early caveman days. Think of all of the good things that came out of the days of space exploration.

space exploration

Items like GPS, cell phones, certain tools, and tons of scientists fueled by the excitement and admiration of astronauts were all results of the pursuit of the knowledge of space. It was not just the astronauts or the NASA engineers that were excited about the many missions.

The public was also extremely proud and intrigued by all of the new achievements of our astronauts. This encouraged more youngsters to take on challenging courses to become scientists, engineers, soldiers, and even astronauts. Even companies competed to develop suits worn by astronauts, vehicles to transverse the moon, and the engines that bring them there. The public benefitted by many offshoots of these competitions. Fast forward to present day. Now the President pulls funding from the shuttle program and there is no space race. Other countries are still making progress on their space programs and even reaching the moon as we did back in the 60’s.

explore the unknown

Today the space travel performed by the USA is done by private companies. Companies like SpaceX, Virgin, and Blue Origin are just a few of the private companies attempting to replace the space shuttle. Space received the contract to shuttle supplies back and forth to the International Space Station by proving it could do so safely and actually at half the cost than the government could do it. All of the companies have been delivering satellites to space, but SpaceX is now working on getting a contract to shuttle astronauts back and forth to the ISS.


The popularity and thrill just is not there anymore for the general public to get excited about the developments going on in the space industry. It seems like today if the news isn’t about racial tensions, looming war, or financial markets, no one is really interested. My kids have shown such an interest in what I have shown them of space and exploration, it is a shame that it isn’t as publicized as it was back then when America considered the explorers of space, heroes.