How Does Science Impact Business?


So, how does science impact business?

Science has many implications on the world around us, especially in the business setting. Think about it. Most businesses have some sort of interaction with computers. Computers mean technology. That technology is science! Data is compiled each second for hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world. With this data, business men and women harness the insight necessary to drive our financial markets, our trade, and our society.

This data is used by everyone in a company whether they realize it or not. It is used by the accountants and CFOs in the finance department. Numbers are crunched by marketers, advertising clerks, and promotional specialists to better understand their marketing return on investments.  That’s right… everyone from the cashier giving money back to the customer or the retail salesperson picking out the perfect outfit for a client uses science on a daily basis to hypothesize, to calculate, and to make projections as to what will happen. Math is not a far second either. By understanding how science and math are useful in the business environment, people can further harness the negotiating, strategizing, and relevant details necessary to make themselves indispensable in a corporate or business ownership area.


On top of mathematical sciences are social sciences. These play a huge part in the business atmosphere. The interactive relationships between individuals in society are something we all deal with each day. And, the more you understand and can realize to when key events happen the better you will be able to position yourself in a business setting. For instance, if you can recognize the cues being given off from a customer that they are ready to buy, you can close a sale more quickly. On the other hand, if you recognize, using nonverbal cues, that a customer would like to leave and is disinterested, you can cut rope and move onto the next prospect.

When science is broken down into its most simple elements, it’s easy to see that it’s not just complex compounds or difficult formulas. It’s reality, and it truly impacts us all, from the tiniest bee to the largest elephant.

Think about it… where would business be without science? We would not understand computers. We’d probably still be writing on cave walls and running from lions. With the minds of Einstein, Galileo, and even the most current and brilliant minds of people like Stephen Hawking or Neil Degrasse Tyson, we are able to absorb the world around us as it is broken down into its most simplest form.

Science truly enlightens the mind and it is contagious in its form. Once we learn one aspect of science, it paves the way to understand many different paths from there.   For example, if you have a boating business, and you need to understand the waves and different microorganisms that affect the environment and boating, science will help you do that.  You could visit a small business site like such as where these guys have to know about different species of wood borers to gauge the devastating effects on damage to piers.

It would be easy to visit the site and see how these guys are surrounded by science.  However, the people that take the time to understand the relevancy of science on their business, in their world, and around them will be the ones who flourish. Their business will reap the rewards and benefits not seen by those who spend time elsewhere. They will also be able to provide better solutions to their clients and customers. Why? These business owners will be able to provide better answers because they will do polls and research analytics to fully comprehend what their customers want and need. There is nothing worse than creating a product that no one will buy. Unfortunately, too many business owners fall into this trap. You must fully utilize the rewards science has given us. Know your market, know your customer, know your niche, know your strategies. When all this is pulled together completely, you will take the market by storm. You will outdo the competition. You will be the go-to person in your market, in your town, heck, maybe even in the world.

Business owners need to think more prudently. They need to be more aware. They must understand the dynamics in play every day that are impacting the decisions they make. A bad decision could mean heartache for the business owner reliant on their business alone to put food on the table. There should be research done on an ongoing basis to fully understand how their business will continue to grow. Continue to thrive. Think about this. What are you doing in your business to make a difference? To ensure your success for years to come? Are you using science to your benefit? Maybe you should.  Contact business owners in your area to see how they are using science to succeed.

damaged piling

This is an example of microorganisms effects on piers